About me
Name: Nikolay Voronkov
Place: Tver, Russia
Email: voronkov@engineer.com
Skype: nik-voronkov
Job: Freelancer
My portfolio (by category)
MS SQL / Oracle / mySQL
ASP.NET / Silverlight
C# / PHP
Adobe InDesign (client/server)
Multilanguage support for Wordpress

The production planning of the company “Promopost”

Customer: Company “Promopost”, member of OTTO Group Russia
Project type: Internal enterprise project for a Production Department
My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • Developer
  • Operation systems: Windows, Linux
    Databases: mySQL, Oracle 11G
    Languages: C#, PHP, SQL
    Technologies: Silverlight, Oracle Apache Server
    IDEs: MS Visual Studio, mySQL Workbench
    Interface language: Russian

    Brief information about the project:

  • Support of calculations of loading for multiple assembly technologies
  • Planning within one month of loading assembly lines
  • Support for unlimited number of business units (firms)
  • Operational planning of lines loading for the days ahead
  • Storing relevant information about production processes in real-time
  • Import data from the CRM system of the company
  • Generation of reports in MS Reporting Services (SSRS)

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