About me
Name: Nikolay Voronkov
Place: Tver, Russia
Email: voronkov@engineer.com
Skype: nik-voronkov
Job: Freelancer
My portfolio (by category)
MS SQL / Oracle / mySQL
ASP.NET / Silverlight
C# / PHP
Adobe InDesign (client/server)
Multilanguage support for Wordpress

The project DV-6

Customer: National Industrial Information Agency
Project type: Commercial Internet project
My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • The architect of software solutions
  • Programmer
  • Operation systems: Windows 2012
    Databases: MS SQL, MS Analisys Services (OLAP cubes)
    Languages: C#, SQL, MDX, XML, HTML, JavaScript
    Tecnologies: ASP.NET, Devexpress ASP.NET components, jQuery
    Interface languages: English, Русский
    IDE: MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server Management Studio

    The customer of the project has been collecting information on various areas: sales of cars, trucks, buses, trailers; the analysis of the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, etc., the data is stored in usual databases, but for this project they are merging into a single repository in MS Analisis Services (OLAP cubes). The aim of the project is to provide access to data via the Internet using the browser without losing functionality, which can provide MS Excel.

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