About me
Name: Nikolay Voronkov
Place: Tver, Russia
Email: voronkov@engineer.com
Skype: nik-voronkov
Job: Freelancer
My portfolio (by category)
MS SQL / Oracle / mySQL
ASP.NET / Silverlight
C# / PHP
Adobe InDesign (client/server)
Multilanguage support for Wordpress

Project OMS.

Customer: Company “NADOM”, member of OTTO Group Russia
Project type: The internal enterprise project for marketing Department
My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • Head of development
  • The architect of software solutions
  • Operation systems: Windows, Mac OS
    Databases: mySQL, Oracle
    Languages: C#, PHP, SQL, Adobe JavaScript, XML
    Technologies: Silverlight, Adobe InDesign (client, server), SOAP, PHP image libraries, Microsoft Reporting Services
    Interface language: English

    OMS (Offer Management System) is a system for creating catalogs of products in a format for print (Adobe InDesign).


  • A graphical editor allowing you to create presentations consisting of images, text blocks, internal variables and other presentations.
  • Database (mySQL) for storage of proposals (offers) and the goods within them, which is updated from the database of a CRM system (Oracle). Also the database stores information about the catalogs and presentations.
  • The system for building of catalogue templates and the catalogues that can be replicated to the Adobe InDesign server using SOAP (PHP, Adobe JavaScript).
  • The set of scripts for client programs Adobe InDesign (Adobe JavaScript) that allow you to connect to a database of products and update prices and descriptions using internal variables.

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  • The project DV-6

    Customer: National Industrial Information Agency
    Project type: Commercial Internet project
    My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • The architect of software solutions
  • Programmer
  • Operation systems: Windows 2012
    Databases: MS SQL, MS Analisys Services (OLAP cubes)
    Languages: C#, SQL, MDX, XML, HTML, JavaScript
    Tecnologies: ASP.NET, Devexpress ASP.NET components, jQuery
    Interface languages: English, Русский
    IDE: MS Visual Studio 2010, MS SQL Server Management Studio

    The customer of the project has been collecting information on various areas: sales of cars, trucks, buses, trailers; the analysis of the dynamics of macroeconomic indicators, etc., the data is stored in usual databases, but for this project they are merging into a single repository in MS Analisis Services (OLAP cubes). The aim of the project is to provide access to data via the Internet using the browser without losing functionality, which can provide MS Excel.

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    Project InfoHelp

    Customer: Company “NADOM”, member of OTTO Group Russia
    Project type: The internal enterprise project for client department
    My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • Developer
  • Operation systems: Windows 2008 Server
    Databases: Oracle 11G
    Languages: C#, SQL, PHP
    Technologies: Silverlight, PHP image libraries, Oracle Apache Server
    Interface language: Russian

    The Project for CALL centers working with CRM of company.

    Brief description:

  • Main goal of the project: informational support of advertising campaigns of the company (promotions, catalogs, products, goods)
  • The existence of administrative and client systems
  • Support offers and client actions
  • Support product catalogs
  • Script support to communicate with customers
  • Support news
  • Support forums

    The aim of the project: provision of CALL centers working with CRM system of the company, details of promotions, product offers, products, and other information relating to the sales process. The project also has a feedback system (forums) specialists CALL centers with the Department of marketing. An additional benefit provided by the project, is to publish different kind of instructions regarding CRM system and communication process of CALL-center operators with customers (scripts-scenarios)

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  • The production planning of the company “Promopost”

    Customer: Company “Promopost”, member of OTTO Group Russia
    Project type: Internal enterprise project for a Production Department
    My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • Developer
  • Operation systems: Windows, Linux
    Databases: mySQL, Oracle 11G
    Languages: C#, PHP, SQL
    Technologies: Silverlight, Oracle Apache Server
    IDEs: MS Visual Studio, mySQL Workbench
    Interface language: Russian

    Brief information about the project:

  • Support of calculations of loading for multiple assembly technologies
  • Planning within one month of loading assembly lines
  • Support for unlimited number of business units (firms)
  • Operational planning of lines loading for the days ahead
  • Storing relevant information about production processes in real-time
  • Import data from the CRM system of the company
  • Generation of reports in MS Reporting Services (SSRS)

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