About me
Name: Nikolay Voronkov
Place: Tver, Russia
Email: voronkov@engineer.com
Skype: nik-voronkov
Job: Freelancer
My portfolio (by category)
MS SQL / Oracle / mySQL
ASP.NET / Silverlight
C# / PHP
Adobe InDesign (client/server)
Multilanguage support for Wordpress

Plavruk (russian)

Customer: Private entrepreneur
Project type: Commercial Internet project
My position in project: Programmer
Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript
Tecnologies: WordPress
Integration with payment systems: Yandex Money
IDE: Netbeans 8

Project goal: the providing of services for creation of individual training tasks for people involved in swimming.

To get individual training plans, the client must register on the website and enter your personal physique. In test mode, the client has only three workouts, after then he needs to pay for service for one year. Has the ability to store workouts to monitor progress.
The algorithm of calculation of training tasks has been provided by the project customer. The calculation of exercises is based on the client’s preferences, its age and training level. To do this, we added in the database of the additional tables, which is filled by the customer from the control panel. Training volumes are calculated randomly in the range of acceptable values associated with individual customer data, thus forming the cyclic sequence of the dimensions of the load to prevent of a series of long and short workouts.
The customer of the project has wide opportunities for managing users and setting calculation algorithm of training tasks. These features are implemented via a WordPress plugin that provides project into backend and frontend parts.

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