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Project InfoHelp

Customer: Company “NADOM”, member of OTTO Group Russia
Project type: The internal enterprise project for client department
My position in project:
  • The database architect
  • Developer
  • Operation systems: Windows 2008 Server
    Databases: Oracle 11G
    Languages: C#, SQL, PHP
    Technologies: Silverlight, PHP image libraries, Oracle Apache Server
    Interface language: Russian

    The Project for CALL centers working with CRM of company.

    Brief description:

  • Main goal of the project: informational support of advertising campaigns of the company (promotions, catalogs, products, goods)
  • The existence of administrative and client systems
  • Support offers and client actions
  • Support product catalogs
  • Script support to communicate with customers
  • Support news
  • Support forums

    The aim of the project: provision of CALL centers working with CRM system of the company, details of promotions, product offers, products, and other information relating to the sales process. The project also has a feedback system (forums) specialists CALL centers with the Department of marketing. An additional benefit provided by the project, is to publish different kind of instructions regarding CRM system and communication process of CALL-center operators with customers (scripts-scenarios)

    Ladies and gentlemen, all screenshots that you see on this page relate to a test version of the project.

    The project works in a separate database instance, interaction with CRM company database occurs on the server tier through the Oracle client tools. For information about the marketing part of CRM Oracle views use. The database is designed so that it can serve multiple CRM systems from different manufacturers. Unification is achieved by the revision of main views.
    Data to work client side are generated by using PHP modules.
    The administrative part.
    The project uses several marketing entities, which are represented in the CRM system of the company. They have a set of attributes, some of which are missing in CRM. To avoid overloading the main system, it was decided to make additional attributes in the project database. The set of attributes for each entity is customizable, system administrators can add properties of objects in several formats, besides the common property of all objects is the ability to bind them to sets of files (images or PDF).
    Entity attributes, which are described in the dictionary of the system can be external (requested in CRM company) and internal (they are made by the system administrators). In addition, all entities can have attached files in different formats and links to other entities. All these connections are also configured by administrators of the project. By default, retrieves all of the CRM entity attributes, some of them are confidential, and the project administrator can mark these attributes as invisible to the operator.
    When communicating with the client, the specialists of the CALL center can use a set of instructions for proper construction of the dialogue. These instructions prepare managers of Client Department. Often, these instructions have a complex structure, suggesting different questions and answers. The project has an interface that allows you to create scenarios (scripts) and in the administrative part there is the possibility of testing. Scripts are divided into categories and business units of the company.
    For informing professionals of CALL centers about changes in various spheres of company’s activities (including this project) that may affect work with clients, interface news. News are grouped by dates, business units, and labels (tags). News published by administrators of the project. News can have an expiration date, after this deadline, the news disappears from the client interface. As with all other entities of the project to news, you can attach files and specify references to other objects.
    To ensure feedback between the professionals of CALL centers and managers of Client Department was implemented the forum interface. A new forum can be opened by any user with access to the project in administrative and/or client side. The system administrator is able to see all the newly open forums and decide to make it visible to all or not. In a separate forum discussion of any depth. Administrators are able to its responses to attach files and links to other objects in the system. Just like normal forums, this interface can be used to store instructions and explanations. Forums can be grouped by date, business units, and labels (tags, like news).
    The project contains the file store. For convenience, almost all the parts of the project interface in the administrative part has a control unit file for the objects in this unit, it is possible to download files. You can upload image files (JPEG, PNG) and PDF files. One file can be attached to multiple objects. Also, a set of file-instructions for the parts of the interface. They cannot be added or removed and can only be replaced in the file management interface. All the administrative and client interfaces have a context-sensitive help system, which is implemented using the icons at the top right of the interface. Clicking on the icon, help file opens in a separate window, example file for the interface scripts.
    Very often clients come with questions about company catalogs and a specialist CALL centre it is hard to answer without a picture of the catalogue. This issue was resolved by linking the scanned pages of catalogs to share. The problem was that scanning or copying parts of the catalogue were time-consuming. The problem was solved by converting the catalogues in PDF format in images. For this I wrote a special interface. The transformation occurs on the server side using the program in PHP using IMAGICK graphics library.

    The project has a users management interface. Users are divided into groups, usually the group is a CALL center. All specialists CALL centers working with company CRM have accounts there, therefore for simplification of work was the possibility of replication of users accounst from the CRM to the project database. In addition, there is support for user groups who do not have accounts in CRM. User access to the project is being implemented at group and individual level, it is provided by status groups and users.
    Each user is given access rights to certain business units of the company. Most entities of the project applay to a specific set of business units, thus, the user, having access rights for the business unit will have interface objects that belong to this business unit and objects which are not attached to anything.
    The client part.
    The client part is implemented as a separate module for Silverlight. After login the user gets in the navigation interface, where a short form is displayed the last change objects with which the project works. In this interface the user can select the business units with which it will work. It is expected that in some point in time the user can work with only one business unit. Switch to a different business unit can be in any place of the project.
    For all entities of the project you have the option to place the objects in the “favorites”, this interface is placed in a separate tab and can be accessed from anywhere. “Favorites” is in client side and administrative.
    The most important part of the project is the interface for client actions, catalogs and goods. To quickly find the desired catalogue has a set of filters, among them the ability to search on fields not represented in CRM-company (internal). The search results appear in a table, a set of columns which is configurable (a list of columns, their order and width).
    Scenarios (scripts) for communication with a customer are grouped into tabs depending on the type. If necessary, the user can run the desired script for execution.
    Access the news feed is maximally simplified. Basic information about the event is available from the table, using the icons to the links for this news or explanatory text, if present. By default, open the last message in the order of increasing the time of publication. You can select news by tags (tags), for this there is a collapsing panel.
    For user of the client forums are available. In the interface you can view latest open forums, filter them by date and open the labels (tags). Cally the user can open a forum thread or write a message in the existing open forum. Before publishing the message forums and they are moderated in the administrative part managers of Client Department.

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