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System process control for laboratory “EuroTest” (russian)

Customer: Company “Euro Test”
Project type: Inner enterprise project
My position in project:
  • System analyst
  • Programmer
  • Databases: mySQL
    Languages: PHP, HTML, JavaScript
    Tecnologies: jQuery, PHPExcel library
    IDEs: Netbeans 8, mySQL Workbench

    Project purpose: provide laboratory analysis of biophysical material.

    Laboratory “Euro Test” performs biophysical research of materials for several large healthcare companies. The project provides registration of samples, preparation of research plan, task assignment for research, storing results and sending them to customers. Sending results via email (MS Excel format) and web services (XML format). The project site is closed, but customers have access to their results of research via the Internet.

    The laboratory completes researches in accordance with certain plans (templates). Each plan consists of one or more analizes of the biomaterial. Each analize can perform is fixed for these purposes specialists. Each customer has its own set of templates. Each template has a research object, purpose and method.

    When ordering a research based on the template the form of results creates, it consists from a declarative part and a list of these analizes. The results form can be created in the following ways:

  • From the interface, based on the template
  • By uploading files in MS Excel format with a specific structure
  • Through web service based on the packets received from customers via the Internet

    The management of forms of results is through a primary interface with multiple filters that can work at the same time:

  • Start and end dates for delivery of biological material
  • Customer of the research
  • Specislist (who is allowed to perform the research in the form content, who participated in the researches and who closed result form)
  • Form status
  • The number of records in the table

    Specialists who do research have access level as user. In order to know what research he needs to perform, the specialist asks for open forms in which there are tasks that he can do. After performing researches the results is saved to the form. If all researches are completed, the specialist can close this form.

    In the results interface the following operations are available:

  • Retrieving data based on multiple filters
  • Correction of data for main form part
  • Correction research results
  • Closing form with sending results via email
  • Deleting a form
  • Preview of the results file in MS Excel
  • Resend of multiple forms via email
  • Make reports about researches for customers and specialists.
  • When results form closes, the specialist who makes the closing can execute the sending of the results to the customer via email. This generates an email with an attachment file in MS Excel format, which contains information about the form and results of research.
    The project has two types of user accounts: administrator and user. The user account has several restrictions for correction and viewing objects. The main restriction of user account is the access to custoner data, so custoners of laboratory can have user accouns and receive access only to their data.
    The laboratory has alot of customers. Some of them have access to project via webservice. For each customer the exchange protocol is crated via XML file transer. Each customer has a list of allowed IP addresses that may be subject to access web service of project.
    The project uses a mySQL database, all references to it are contained in the PHP code on the server side.

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